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Insight Oriented Psychotherapy For Depression

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 15:22
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The basic premise of insight oriented psychotherapy also known as psycho dynamic psychotherapy is that you are experiencing depression because of unconscious psychological conflicts. Increasing your understanding of the underlying themes, thoughts, and behavioral patterns can result in improved mood both in the short and the long term.

These psycho dynamic themes fall into three categories. The most common trigger of depression is the loss of an important relationship. While the therapy can’t undo the pain of the loss, it helps by encouraging appropriate grieving and promoting a fuller understanding of the psychological significance of the loss.

The second most frequent trigger of depression is a loss self esteem, often a result of the failure to be appreciated by others or to achieve your self expectations.  Therapy can help you lick your wounds by providing an empathic setting for dealing with the disappointment and developing more realistic expectations.

Finally, depression can result from you having an overly punishing¬† “superego” or conscience that can be devastating in three ways. When the wrath of your harsh conscience is directed inward it leads to inappropriate guilt, when it is directed outward it results in your being overly critical of others, and when it is projected projected outward onto others, you experience them as being overly critical to you.

Therapy can help by uncovering the unconscious conflicts, exposing them to the light of the Day, and bringing them under your conscious control.

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