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Improvements in Stroke Treatment and Recovery

Posted by on Thursday, June 4, 2009, 16:22
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By zeroing in on the risk factor, researchers have contributed greatly to our ability to prevent stroke. This has helped make possible the general downward slide in overall stroke incidence in USA and Canada.

Major medical and diagnostic breakthroughs have been made recently, and developments can be expected to continue. Elsewhere, noninvasive tests are giving doctors increasingly clearer pictures of the brain and its blood vessels without resorting to surgery. These developments and others are making stroke treatment ever more effective.

Most people who have had a stroke are worried about what kind of recovery to expect. Be assured that modern stroke care is much involved with preserving as much function as possible, as soon as possible. More than 200,00 living Canadians have had a stroke. Many of them have been rehabilitated successfully.

Today we know that the sooner rehabilitation begins, the better. In fact, this activity starts right at the patients bedside.

Not all people who have had stroke need such rehabilitation, however. Despite a reputation for it, most strokes are not completely incapacitating. Some people recover completely, while others are left with only mild deficits. Even those who have been severely handicapped by their strokes can often be taught to walk and care for themselves again and to remain independent.

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