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Immune System Support

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Strengthening and maintaining a strong immune system is crucial to staying healthy. This fascinating system is your first line of defence against disease. It is made up of organs, thymus, spleen, tonsils, adenoids,lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, white blood cells,  and serum factors.

Environmental toxins, free radicals, pathogens, stress, poor dietary habits, nutrient deficiencies, over consumption of antibiotics, and poor gastrointestinal function all contribute to flagging immune system. When the immune system goes awry, cancer cells can grow undetected, infections can invade the flourish, and other illnesses can develop, echoing factors that cause the body to age.

Free radicals may be a key to the shriveling of the thymus gland, the major gland of the immune system. They also attack immune cells. Free radicals are unstable molecules that lack on electron and are constantly attacking other cells to steal an electron, thereby setting up a chain reaction creating large numbers of damaged cells.

Signs of a weakened immune system include a greater susceptibility to colds, viruses, flues, infections, and other illnesses.

To most effectively strengthen your immune system, look at all areas of your lifestyle that need improvement. The body is amazingly adaptable. For years we can eat poor foods and appear healthy. But sooner or latter, problems manifest.

We are told that to stay healthy we must eat an balanced diet, by but balanced diet to many people means balancing one processed food with another. Consuming  a diet with necessary amounts of nutrients, drinking plenty of pure, clean water, getting regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy look on life, along with avoiding toxic substances ( food additives, dyes, and pesticides), is key to healthy immune system.

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