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How To Use Natural Cures

Posted by on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 16:30
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How to use natural cures.

If you want to avoid wasting time and money in medications, there is a very specific way to go about trying alternative forms of treatment which are natural cures.

Be your own scientist. Following are some recommendations for considering any care, traditional or alternative, while we all wait for the day when there is no division between the two.

1.  Start with your primary doctor first. Once you are connected to a doctor you trust, who is open to work with your desire for alternative care, listen to what options she or he recommends. If you expect them to be open with you, you need to be open to what they say.

2.  Let your doctor know what you plan to try. Research on patients who use natural cures.

3.  Try only one new treatment at a time. If you get better, how will you know what helped you? A re you planning to pay fro, and continue to take, all these remedies forever? How will you know what treatment to stop first? What if two or more treatments are working together to reduce the apin? The only way to know is to go slow.

4.  Try the things we know work first. One patient of mine complained constantly about how nothing would help her pain and that all the doctors were mystified by her case. She had tried a long list of natural cures and home remedies to no effect. We found out latter she was an alcoholic. Don’t blame the care providers if you abuse with your body.

5.  When starting a new treatment, use it exactly as you are told by the practitioner who recommended it or by the label on the bottle. If the treatment doesn’t work you won’t know if it was ineffective for you or if you just didn’t use it right. Ask questions, read about the treatment you are considering, and be sure you know how to do your part.

6.  Give it time. Very few treatments and natural cures offer immediate help.   Most herbs require that you take them for a few weeks before a noticeable effect is possible.

7. Know who is treating you. Never allow someone to tret you without knowing anything about him or her. In addition to knowing what a practitioner’s credentials are, you will want to check out his or her familiarity with your disease. If you are thinking about taking herbs, be sure to find a company that is reputable, as none of the herbal supplements are regulated at this time. This means you don’t really know exactly what or how much is inside the bottle.

8.  Be explicitly honest with yourself. If a treatment isn’t working, admit it. If you have followed all the step listed here, and a particular approach isn’t helping discontinue it. No matter how disappointed you are, how much money you have spent on it, how much you wanted it to work, and how hopeless you feel about what to do next, there is no point in continuing with something that isn’t working.

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  1. 17 October, 2009, 9:33

    I believe that one day there will be a cure for diseases such as cancer, heart disease,HIV ect, and these cures will come from plants.

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