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How to Quit Smoking

Posted by on Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 11:04
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People use a variety of methods to quit smoking. Some smokers can quit on the first try, but others need to try combinations of methods before finally succeeding in quiting. Here are some popular methods.

Self instruction is the most successful way to quit smoking. Researchers find that most ex-smokers quit on their ow. Self instruction approaches include booklets, books, videotapes, and quit kits.

These materials help people determine their smoking patters, set a date for quiting, think of alternatives to smoking, limit any weight gain, and learn to relax and reduce stress. Most materials offer suggestion on handling slips.

Most people first try quitting “cold turkey”. They decide to quit, pick a date, then quit. They often throw away cigarettes, lighters, and ash trays and wow to never light up again. Follow through requires some practice, determination, and consistent behavior.

Some people use over the counter aids, such as special cigarette filters or smokeless cigarettes. Brand switching is another step by step approach quiting. Current research finds that tapering off works well because the body gradually adjust to the decreasing amounts of nicotine. This makes nicotine withdrawal, especially nicotine cravings, less painful.

People also gradually learn how to cope without cigarettes. However, tapering off is a hard to do without professional help, and you must clearly set a quit date, then stick to it. Nicotine chewing gum and the nicotine patch are powerful ways to deal with nicotine withdrawal. However, they are not magic. For teens, these should be used only if they find it hard to quit.

Nicotine shewing gum helps people stop smoking right away. Nicotine replacement therapy is only used when all smoking has stopped on quit day and beyond. Doctors or dentists must prescribe nicotine gum and instruct and have you practice on how to use the gum properly.

To begin, people stop smoking and instead chew ten to fifteen pieces of gum each day. Each piece releases small amounts of nicotine. Over time, people chew less and less gum. Nicotine gum is not designed to be used alone, it should be combined with quit smoking programs. Do not smoke while using nicotine gum. Smoking while using nicotine gum could result in an overdose of nicotine.

First used in 1991, nicotine patches help people quit when used with a quit smoking program. Doctor must prescribe the nicotine patch, which is a small pad that contains gel. When the patch is placed on the arm, chest, or back, the nicotine inside the gel slowly passes through the skin and into bloodstream. Twenty four hours later, when all the nicotine is gone, smokers remove the patch and put over a new one. The quiting process with nicotine patches takes six to eight weeks.

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  1. jeremy
    22 June, 2009, 12:47

    I’ve tried just about every method there is out there and there is only one I can recommend – NLP! It eliminates the cravings.
    Gum patches and all the other just did not cut it for me, not to mention cold turkey which was the hardest, I even tried the electric cig and it is just no match to the real thing.
    Check out this article:
    it’s the one that got me off the cigs and smoke free for GOOD even without gaining weight! :)
    Good luck kicking the habit!

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