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How Much Formula to Offer Your Baby

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How Much Formula to Offer Your Baby

How to know when your baby is hungry
Your baby knows how much she needs to eat and how often she needs to eat.It’s your responsibility to understand what your baby is telling you. When she is hungry ,her eyes may be open more than usual and her face will look bright. When you touch your baby’s mouth,her chin or her cheek,she will turn toward your touch;this is called the rooting reflex .
She may bring her hands up under her chin or suck on her hands. Eventually,she will fuss,but this is a late sign of hunger. When you learn to read your baby’s earlier hunger signs,she won’t have to fuss to let you know  she’s hungry.

The amount of formula needed varies from baby to baby ,and from day to day.Let your baby decide how much to eat and how often.

Baby’s age                  Number of feedings per day                Amount of formula
1st and 2nd week       6 to 10                                                   50 to 100 ml (2 to 3 oz.)
3 to 8 weeks               6 to 8                                                     125 to 150 ml (4 to5 oz)
2 to 3 months             5 to 6                                                     150 to 175 ml (5 to 6 oz)
3 to 4 months             4 to 5                                                     175 to 210 ml (6 to 7 oz)
5 to 7 months             4 to 5                                                     210 to 250 ml (7 to 8 oz)
8 to 12 months           3                                                             210 to 250 ml (7 to 8 oz)

How to know when your baby has had enough formula

Let your baby have as much or as little formula as she wants,and to stop the feeding when she shows she’s full. Your baby has had enough formula when her sucking slows, when she turns her head away,or when she falls asleep. Your baby will stop showing the rooting reflex.
Some babies will stop feeding for a little bit and socialize. When you offer the bottle again,just offer it to check if she wants more. Some babies get full suddenly and don’t want another mouthful. Other babies gradually slow down and lose interest. Always respect your baby’s signs and don’t try to get her to finish the bottle.
Throw out any formula left in the bottle within one hour after the feeding begins.

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