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How Fish Can Fight Aging

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Extends Life: You can defy death and add years to your life by taking up fish eating, even if you have already been felled by heart disease. In a famous British study,  told victims of heart attacks either to eat more oily fish, such as salmon and sardines at least two servings a week or to eat more fiber or to eat less fat. During the next two years, the death rates among the fish eaters dropped about 30 percent. There was no reduction of heart disease or extension of life from cutting down on fat or eating more fiber .

Keeps Arteries Young: The more fish oil in body cells, the less clogged and aged the arteries, Danish investigators found during random autopsies. Also, fish eaters (more than eight ounces a week) were only half as likely to have their arteries close up again after angioplasty (a procedure to dilate arteries) than non fish eaters, Canadian researchers found.

Most effective were fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines. On the other hand, a major study found that taking fish oil capsules did not tend to keep arteries open after angioplasty. Fish. oil is one of the most reliable ways of slashing triglycerides, a dangerous blood fat. In studies, taking fish oil or eating salmon also raises good type HDL cholesterol.

Cuts Heart Attacks: Averaging a mere ounce of fish a day cuts your chances of having a heart attack in half, a landmark Dutch study found. A newly discovered way fish oil fights heart attacks is by directly improving heart function, helping block arrhythmias and ventricular fibrillation, irregular heartbeats that can trigger sudden death. In Australian studies, feeding monkeys even very small amounts of fish oil saved them from developing fatal heart arrhythmias. Similarly, Ohio State University research on monkeys documented that fish oil infusions blocked potentially fatal fibrillation following a heart attack 87 percent of the time.

Restores Artery Elasticity: Taking 3,000 milligrams of fish oil a day (the amount in seven ounces of mackerel or canned sardines) made stiffened, aged arteries significantly more flexible, allowing them to stretch better in response to changes in blood pressure, University of Minnesota researchers found.

Wards Off Diabetes: Eating a mere one ounce of fish a day of any kind lean, fatty or canned compared with eating no fish, cut the odds of developing Type II diabetes in half, theoretically by helping prevent glucose intolerance, government researchers in the Netherlands reported.

Curtails Strokes: Men who ate at least five ounces of fish a week had half the risk of stroke as non fish eaters, probably because of thinner blood and fewer blood clots, according to a recent Dutch study.

Thwarts Colon Cancer: A major Italian study showed that daily doses of fish oil (comparable to that in eight ounces of mackerel) suppressed abnormal cell growth by 62 percent in 90 percent of those vulnerable to colon cancer. And researchers observed the slowdown in only two weeks’ time!

Blocks Breast Cancer: Fish oil seems to retard the spread or metastasis of breast cancer, say Harvard researchers. Breast cancer is five times lower in Japan, where women eat the most fish. A recent Belgian study of breast cancer death rates in thirty countries showed that fish eaters had lower rates than non fish eaters. Highest death rates were for women eating animal fat. Further, studies by David P. Rose, Ph.D., at the American Health Foundation, a major nonprofit health research organization, found that mice on a high fish oil diet were only 40 percent as likely to have tumors that metastasized or spread as those fed a diet high in corn oil.

Protects Smokers’ Lungs: Eating fish can even block some of the tremendous free radical burden of cigarette smoking by slowing deterioration of lung function. In one study of nearly nine thousand current or former smokers, those who averaged four fish servings per week were 45 percent less apt to have bronchitis or emphysema than those eating one half fish serving or less per week. Theory: Fish oil inhibits inflammatory reactions leading to cell damage.

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