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How Estrogen Causes Breast Cancer

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How Estrogen Causes Breast Cancer

High levels of estrogen is the most known way of  increasing the risk of breast cancer. Another one is to reduce the total amount of time you are exposed to the estrogens over the course of  a lifetime.

The more years you menstruate , the greater your risk  of cancer. Both an early menarche and a late menopause create years of  increased  risk of cancer.  Girls with the earliest manarche, before age 14 , have a 30%  increased risk  of cancer.

Women who have a later menopause, say age 55, have a 50%  higher risk of  breast cancer than those who whose menopause occurs before age 45.  The most fascinating  evidence comes from Catholic nuns studied in Europe  over 300 years ago.  These nuns had a markedly higher risk of breast cancer than married women with children.

They obviously weren’t  being studied at the time for estrogen levels, or in any systematic, scientific  way. But in hindsight we recognize  the cause of their cancer was the ininterrupted  estrogen flow.

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