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How Does Smoking Affect My Chances of Having a Stroke

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About four thousand substances have been identified in cigarette smoke. This smoke winds up in the lungs of those exposed to it and then his bloodstream. Of these, nicotine and carbon monoxide seem to do the most damage.

Nicotine effects the heart and blood vessels by causing vessels to constrict. This increases one’s blood pressure and heart rate. When carbon monoxide enters the bloodstream, oxygen needed by the heart and all the other parts of the body.

Because less oxygen is available to the body, the heart has to work harder to make up the difference. Smoking low tar and low nicotine cigarettes does not decrease one’s risk of stroke disease. The reason? Smokers often wind up smoking more of these , cigarettes and inhaling them more deeply.

They actually get more smoke in their lungs and more of the noxious compounds they are trying to avoid. The people around them are exposed to more smoke as well. Thousand of other unwelcome substances enter the bloodstream when people are exposed to smoke. These, too, are damaging, probably injuring vessels walls as they scrape by. Tobacco smoke also causes existing blood platelets to become stickier than normal and to cluster.

The thicker blood that results can injure the vessels it flows through. Both of this damaging conditions allow more blood cholesterol to affix to roughened vessel walls as plaques, introducing the right conditions for atherosclerosis. How much one is exposed to smoke and for how long has been found to influence directly the thickness of plaque that clogs arteries supplying the brain.

People exposed to tobacco smoke their own or someone else’s develop atherosclerosis more frequently and more severely than people not exposed to it. Tobacco smoke has a terrible effect on the body’s vascular system. It compounds the bad effects on other diseases on the body as well.

Bad news
Smoke whether active or passive is clearly an important risk factor for stroke, as well as other diseases. But how great a risk is it? The facts are undeniable. The risk is of having a stroke very high

Good news
Unfortunately, if you smoke, there is no good news unless you stop the habit.

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