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How Body Fat Effects Breast Health

Posted by on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 17:15
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Excess body fat presents  a permanent risk of breast cancer throughout a woman’s life, from childhood to menopause. Fortunately many measures such as adding fiber, cutting your body fat and dropping your glucose level, will  make a big impact on safe, effective fat loss.

Abdominal fat is a veritable estrogen factory, so losing abdominal fat decreases estrogen production. Girls with low body fat have later menarche. Women with low body fat slow the resumption of ovulation after breastfeeding and decrease the storage area for chemical estrogen’s.

After menopause, a lower body fat decreases bad estrogen production and increases estrogen caccier production. For younger women, a lower body fat makes tumors far easier to find. Tumors are notoriously hard to find in young women than with more than 15 to 20 percent excess body fat.

How to decrease body fat
These days billions of people around the world perfectly control their weight simply by eating foods that keep them lean. Low-glucose, high-fiber foods are the heart of any such program. Fiber is the foundation upon which any successful long-term weight-loss program is built.

Soy, also adds to any weight loss strategy because of its high fiber content, low glucose load, and tyrosine substance. Tyrosine plays a terrific role in maintaining your mental energy without the need for excess calories.

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