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High Blood Pressure

Posted by on Friday, May 29, 2009, 18:36
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High Blood Pressure

Most of the 50 million Americans with high blood pressure have what doctors call primary, or essential, hypertension. That means there is no underlying disease no kidney or hormone condition, for instance creating the problem.

Medical experts say the exact cause for this kind of high blood pressure is unknown. Many doctors who treat high blood pressure, however, argue that many of the contributing causes are well know: Obesity, a high fat or high salt diet, smoking, alcohol abuse, too much everyday stress and not enough physical activity all combine to send blood pressure creeping upward over the years.

In fact, instead of turning directly to medications, these days some doctors advice their patients with high blood pressure to take at least six months to attempt to lose weight, wuit smoking and drinking and begin exercising. If their blood pressure is still too high at the end of the time, they will begin using drugs to treat it.

Many of people who i talk with about the question on high blood pressure use a number of tactics to keep their condition on line. Most are under a doctor’s care, and some use drugs. But they also rely on dietary changes such as eating more garlic and onions, lowering salt intake and increasing their intake of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Some of them are primarily vegetarian. One patient even contends that simply drinking more water has dropped his blood pressure. Here are some home remedies for high blood pressure.

– Eat more garlic
– Eat more onion
– Low salt diets
– Exercise and walks
– Potassium and other minerals
– Eat more fish
– Drink more water
– Relax

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  4. 26 July, 2010, 10:56

    I agree with you, many conditions can be greatly improved by simple lifestyle and diet modification.
    Thanks for sharing.

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