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Herbs That Cure Men Diseases

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Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Kepens)

More than twenty studies conducted according to the strictest of scientific standards have established that this herb is superior to Proscar, some urologists’ favorite pharmaceutical for treating benign prostate enlargement.

They would help more people by using herbs. The drug doesn’t help more than 60 percent of the men who take it, according to comparative studies, while the extract of saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) helps about 90 percent. Within just a month it relieves such symptoms as constricted urinary flow and need for frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom. It works by blocking the enzyme that seems to cause the prostate to enlarge.

Science is less certain about another of saw palmetto’s reputed qualities sexual rejuvenation. The herb, actually a bush native to Florida, has been heralded for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Research doesn’t corroborate the claim, although some of my patients say it helps.

Saw palmetto extract should contain an 85 percent concentration of active sterols, the plant’s medicinal ingredients. Widely available in health food stores, you may take 160 mg capsules twice daily with

Pygeum Africanum

Derived from the bark of a tropical evergreen, pygeum is another excellent herbal tonic for the prostate. The standardized extract dependably relieves urinary problems, such as constricted flow, and other symptoms of prostate infections and benign prostate enlargement, according to European research.  Most men, as far as I can determine, don’t mind the
mild aphrodisiac effect it imparts.

I normally recommend a daily 100 mg dose of pygeum extract, along with saw palmetto and several other nutrients, including zinc and the essential fatty acids. Each of the herbs is well proven on its own, but their synergistic effect is better.


The yohimbe story is very basic: nearly half of the men who use its pharmaceutical derivative will regain some measure of erectile ability.  But the whole herb, and the yohimbe supplements billed as se~xual tonics, display little of this power. Only the prescription drug yohimbine contains enough of the active ingredient to offer even some hope. Although the concentration might be a little higher in some over the counter liquid extracts, no form of yohimbe should be considered a first-choice solution to erection problems. Nor should it be used as a weight loss aid, even though it might be mildly effective in this regard.

Yohimbine can raise blood pressure, among other side effects, even in healthy men. It should be used with great caution if you have hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, a thyroid disorder, a kidney disease, or a mental illness. Circulatory and heart related disorders often underlie erection failure in men. The process, after all, is a matter of blood hydraulics. Instead of looking for direct therapeutic help from yohimbe and similar supplements, focus on controlling diabetes or on reducing high blood pressure (and thereby getting off medications) and high blood lipids.

But tell your doctor that you want to explore nutritional medicine before resorting to drugs. The medications prescribed to address high blood pressure and other heart problems are notorious for causing erectile difficulties.

saw-palmetto herb for men

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