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Healthful Menu Suggestions

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Healthful Menu Suggestions

Time and again, studies have shown that people who eat breakfast weigh less, have more energy, and enjoy better health. Healthy breakfast choices include whole grain cereals, muffins and breads along with fresh whole fruit or fresh fruit juice.  Cereals, both hot or cold, preferably from whole grains, may be the best choices.

Not only do the complex carbohydrates in the grains provide sustained energy, but an evaluation of data from a recent Survey showed that serum cholesterol levels were lowest among adults eating whole grain cereal for breakfast. Although those individuals who consumed other breakfast foods had higher blood cholesterol levels, levels were highest among those who typically skipped breakfast.

Lunch is a great time to enjoy a healthful bowl of soup, a large salad, and some whole-grain bread. Due to their ability to improve blood sugar regulation. bean soups and other legume dishes are especially good lunch selections for people with diabetes and blood sugar problems. Beans and legumes are an excellent source of protein and fiber, yet low in fat and calories.

The best snacks are a handful of nuts or seeds, and some fresh fruit and vegetables.

For dinner the healthiest meals contain a fresh vegetable salad, a cooked vegetable side dish or bowl of soup, some whole grains, and legumes. The whole grains may be provided in bread, pasta, as a side dish, or as part of the recipe for an entree. The legumes can be utilized in soups and salads.

Although a mixed, varied diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, and legumes can provide optimal levels of protein, many people like to eat meat. The important thing is not to overconsume animal products. When you do eat red meat, opt for lean cuts rather than fat-laden choices

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