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Health Benefits Of Apple

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Apple has many nourishing ingredients of healing.

It contains especially sodium, iron, phosphorus, some alkaloids, geraniol, acetaldehid, pact, sugar, sour taste of apple, in small quantities , as distinguished from vitamins vitamins A, B and C.

Except as tree used for the preparation of refreshing and different fluids ,apples used for the preparation of various tea healing.

Tea with flowers of apple-Tea being prepared from flowers of apple drink against various colds, eases thirst, strengthens the nerves, lungs and heart. Also, this tea is a wonderful tool for regulating digestion. To prepare the tea from the flowers of the apple should be collected in the spring of fresh flowers, which dry in the shade and then, as the dried, used during the year. Tea pocket these flowers as well as any other tea, but instead  sugar with honey.

Tea from the dried slice of apple. This tea is used for severe psychological after jobs, for renewal of liver and kidney cleansing. Making of fresh apple and black bread for several days in a row well affect the mucous membranes of the nose clean, and helps digestive rush, providing comfortable sleep,  stomach  affects reumës and good against arteriosclerosis. It is good especially the elderly to take food as an integral bread.

An apple-eating  in the morning affects the good in cleaning teeth . It is good to pick up an apple before bedtime, as this Normalises stool. Apple preferred as cure for children frequent excrement. For these cases, preferably baked apples. Good results for treatment of some diseases has also drink apple juice.

Doctors recommend drinking apple juice against skin disease, kidney disease, the urinary bladder, hemorrhoids . It should be noted that regular drinking apple juice prevents kidney stone formation and better influences of individuals who have suffered from Jaundice. From apples and apple vinegar is also, which is much preferred to be used for salad and other directions healing.

If you suffer from asthma, asthma of the chest cage, should weat with apple vinegar, if skin is sensitive, vinegar should tweak with  water. With apple vinegar is the evaporation of the chest of the difficult cases  wheezy. Patch of wet with vinegar placed on the skin, while it placed a bandage over other dry.

Insomnia-apple vinegar and honey mixed with hot water and drunk as a sedative against insomnia. If you suffer from head pain in the face, put the wet patch with apple vinegar and water: half-hard cold water, 1 tablespoon apple vinegar and a little honey. Change when the heat patch. The patch can be placed in the back of the neck. To meet the needs minerals daily, every day three times must be taken with a glass of water two teaspoon honey and two teaspoon apple vinegar.

In pregnancy to meet the needs of Vernice, a pregnant woman should take a spoon apple vinegar in a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning. This mix will prevent and remove any pain in the morning. During the day it is good that pregnant woman to drink from a glass of apple or grape juice.

In this way future mother gets very necessary natural elements, and therefore can expect a baby with thick hair the first day, with strong scissors long, muscular system developed that by the end of the first 10 days will raise the head itself. The new mother will this enough milk, baby food will normally third and the normal faeces, will face this very broad, and this will also affect the growth and subsequent mental and spiritual development of the child.

Colds, the various cooling accompanied with strong cough every two hours is taken from a spoon digestion: fresh juice of half lemon, the same amount of apple vinegar, a tablespoon honey and a tablespoon glycerin bagremi. All these get involved until syrup is obtained, which is also very tasty. This mixture is used during 11 hours.

While in cases of intense coughing should be taken a spoon syrup every two hours, night and two times from a spoon. Children over two years can drink this syrup every hour, but in smaller quantities. Syrup can be used in cases of pharyngeal lighting and significantly reduces kollitjen.

Allergies-If you are allergic epilepsy, for prophylactic reasons can get a spoon of honey rosemary or frankincense (Thymus vulgaris) before bread. The third evening before bedtime drink of: bagremi two lugësh honey, a tablespoon apple vinegar and a little seltzer.

After 75 days, preferably every day taken from a glass of mineral water with two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of apple vinegar and 5-10 drops of fresh lemon. Prophylactic continue. This therapy can be discontinued after two weeks, since in principle the Flames were eliminated allergic causes.

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