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Genital Herpes Disease Cure

Posted by on Monday, March 30, 2009, 14:49
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Healing Genital Herpes Disease

The best known drug for healing genital herpes is acyclovir. It comes in either the ointment or pill form. Both of them have become standard treatment for genital herpes. The drug has to be ordered or prescribed by a doctor. It doesn’t kill the virus or cure the disease, but for many people it shortens the duration of the primary infection and reduces the frequency and painfulness of recurrent attacks.

In short, it makes genital herpes a little easier to live with. Today other antivirus drugs are also under study in hopes that a real cure for genital herpes may be found. Scientists are also searching for a vaccine that might protect people from getting the infection in the first place. But so far, acyclovir is the best treatment.

Ways of Prevention
Since prevention is the only good answer to genital herpes, we need to consider some preventing steps:

1. Saying no to sex is the safest, surest way to keep from getting genital herpes. If you decide to to say no to sex for the time being, you won’t get this infection. But the real truth is – having sex with an infected person.

2. If you do have sex, the fewer partners you have the less risk you run of catching the infection.

3. If you do have sex, talk with your partner about genital herpes before you have sex. Why talk about it? Because most people who have genital herpes know they have it. After all, the symptoms are hard to miss.Remember that the infection is usually spread only when one or the other partner has an active primary infection, or an active recurrence right then or very recently but unfortunately some persons without symptoms can shed the virus, too.

If there is any possibility that either you or your partner might have active genital herpes, or might just be recovering from an active episode, then you should postpone sex until a doctor can determine what’s going on.

4. If you do have sex, be sure to use rubber condom to protect yourself. So using a condom whenever you have sex- and using it properly-will protect you from this infection.

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  1. 18 April, 2009, 18:27

    Agree 100% The best known drug for healing genital herpes is acyclovir.

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    I usually don

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