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You know where those head pounding, stomach churning symptoms came from. Here are several hangover remedies how to deal with hangover next morning.

Drinking about as much water as you can stand is without a doubt the best cure for a hangover. Alcohol causes your body to lose water, so you can easily become dehydrated. That leads to the familiar pounding head, as brain cells shrink and pull at nearby pain receptors.

Instead of water some people prefer fruit juice. Orange juice for example in addition to its water content can help a hangover several ways. It contains fructose, a natural sugar that may help the body burn off alcohol faster and that restores blood sugar to normal.

Orange juice also provides a good dose of potassium, a mineral that is lost during urination while drinking. Low potassium levels can contribute to feelings of weakness and shakiness. It also offers vitamin C.

Vitamin B
Taking three vitamin B capsules, one before i drink, one while you drinking and one after it always prevent a hangover. Vitamin B can prevent the hangover, because drinking alcohol depletes your body of vitamins.

Good meal
Eating good before and while you are drinking, especially protein rich or high fad foods such as cheese, is a good ides.

The best cure for hangover? A bit more of whatever caused it in the first place. Alcohol is an analgesic and a central nervous system depressant, so it will alleviate hangover symptoms for some people. However, drinking your breakfast is a clear sigh of alcohol abuse.

Olive oil
This is very old hangover remedy i used sometimes. Drinking 2-3 tablespoons of oil olive before you drink is the best you can do to prevent hangover.

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