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Growing From Girl To Women

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Cultural expectations to be popular, pretty, noticed by boys, sensitive to others, and “feminine” in the sense of not being too much of anything hit teen girls especially hard. Many begin to lose their sense of self in a frenzy to meet other’s expectations.

Others rebel and remain very much themselves sometimes at the price of acceptance by peers. Women of all ages have insecurities about their bodies. Much of this is based on our society’s unrealistic standards of beauty for women.

Even young women who appear, to everyone else, to be slim and pretty all too often feel that they fall short of society’s ideal. And those who look like themselves rather than a budding supermodel can suffer even more.

But who in normal, everyday life looks like a supermodel? Your beauty as a woman and your value as a person are expressed in many ways more through who you are than how you look in terms of society’s standards. Girls seem to suffer more than guys over society’s “lookism”. Some develop a poor body image as the result of comments and teasing from family and peers. Some, all on their own, pick out a self perceived flaw and feel that it overshadows whatever is good about their looks and themselves.

Having a negative body image can affect your life in many ways. Your confidence and self esteem may suffer. You may feel insecure around guys and not pretty unless some guy tells you that that you are. Your self consciousness may keep you from doing things you enjoy. You may even begin to believe that you are less deserving of love and happiness than other people are.

If this all sound painfully familiar, what can you do?

1. Change your mind about your body before you try to change your looks. It is important that you feel lovable and valuable as a person just as you are today . Otherwise, no amount of change will make any difference in how you feel about yourself. There are countless overweight people who lose weight and still feel fat.

There are others who felt awkward and ugly in their preteens or teens and who have never outgrown these feelings, even as they have blossomed to lovely, healthy young adulthood. Accept and feel positive about the way you look right now. See exercising and eating healthy foods not as punishment, but as rewards foods as punishment, but as rewards because you deserve tender loving care.

2. Realize that people who tease have their own insecurities. Their comments have more to do with themselves than with you. Even through it is hard to turn a deaf ear to taunts, don’t join the chorus. Don’t give yourself a hard time for what can’t be changed or what isn’t perfect about your body, and start enjoying all of your great qualities.

3. Realize that in the real world, attractive people come in all sizes and shapes. And what makes them most attractive goes far beyond that shape of their nose or the color of their hair. Being active, friendly, kind, having a sense of humor, moving with confidence and grace, feeling at ease with yourself as you are all of this can go a long way toward developing a positive body image. This positive image of yourself can do more for your appearance than all the cosmetic treatments put together.

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