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Good Health

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I do not believe that good health is simply the absence of disease. To me, good health means that the body is working optimally in its most natural state. That is what places people at the top of the mountain.

We often think of the elderly as not being very healthy because they have had to endure years of insults to their bodies. But your children can also be at the bottom if the mountain, teetering on the brink of disease even very early in life.

This has been case with many of the children i see who have been diagnosed with ADHD. when we remove the most troubling irritants to their bodies and help build up their immune systems, we see dramatic improvement and even elimination of their symptoms.

When a child has symptoms of ADHD, it is because something has caused that child to slide down the Mountain of Health. Giving a child a drug to cover symptom will not help the child back up the mountain. It will not help the child’s body work optimally in its most natural state. In fact these drugs will interfere with the natural function of the body. That is why i look for the treat the underlying cause.

Years ago when we thought children outgrew the symptoms of ADHD, it was probably all the right to treat them temporarily for the symptoms. If they outgrew the symptoms, the drug could be stopped.

But today we know better. We know that they do not outgrow the symptoms and must stay on drugs forever if the problems is not corrected. This is why the medical attitude must change. These children are not growing out of the problems, and the drugs don’t even help with all the symptoms.

We cannot leave these children on these kindĀ of drugs for life. We don’t even know what the long term side effects might be. And the drugs do not fix the problem. This is such a major change in thought proves for doctors.

Anything that happens to be different from their own medical model is poorly tolerated. Since they know nothing about these other ways to treat, many feel they must say such alternatives are wrong.

These other on treating AHDH are not wrong, but are based on the basic elements and concepts of physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and immunology. And they are based on the recognition that we do not yet know everything there is to know in medicine.

The only way to learn, understand and improve is to keep an open mind.

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