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Garlic And Cholesterol

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Garlic and high cholesterol
When garlic is taken in a dose of at least one to two cloves as ady, it will, according to some clinical studies, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blodd by an average of 15 percent, enough to reduce the risk of a heart attack by 30 percent. A german study at forty middleaged people with high cholesterol levels. Theior initial average was 7.6 mmol/l or 295mg.100ml. Half of the grioup was given garlic products equivalent to one clove a day for three months. The other hals was given a placebo a neutral, look alike preparation. The cholesterol levels of those taking garlic dropped steadily over the three mont period to an average of 6 mmol/l, a decrease of more than 20 percent. Those taking the placebo remained more or less the same. This is more than can be expected from regular, modern drugs. In addition, there were no reports of any kind of side effects, and those taking garlic also felt active and energetic byt he end of the study.

The fact that there are so many studies of garlic is quite unusual in the world of plant medicine, which does not enjoy the massive financial support for research given to chemical drugs. Indeed, there are many offical grugs on the market today that have not had the benefit of so many positive clinical studies. More over today the clinical studies are of top quality.

Garlic and normal cholesterol
The question remains: Does garlic reduce cholesterol in everyone, whether they have raised levels or not, or does it only do so in those with problems? The answer is not so clear, since almost everyone in the modern world has levels which are higher than they should be, even those with so called “normal” levels. However, it appears from the clininal studies that garlic does have some effect in all ceses, but th more cholesterol there is in the blood in the first place, the more it is reduced.

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