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Fracture Risk

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In addition to the density of your bones, a host of other factors contribute to your risk of fractures, the most serious concern related to having low bone density.

So no matter what your bone scan shows, be aware of and control to the extend possible the other risk factors for fracture some of which overlap with the risk of low bone density:

  • Your mother broke a hip before she was 80.
  • You had any fracture after the age of 50.
  • You are taller than average.
  • You rate your own health to be fair or poor.
  • You can’t get up from a chair without using your arms.
  • You have poor perceptions of depth and or contrast.
  • You have a fast resting heart rate, over 80 beats for minute.
  • You weigh less now than you did at 25.
  • You have, or have had, hyperthyroidism, or age being treated for hypothyroidism with thyroid supplements.
  • You use, or have over the long term, tranquilizers or anticonvulsants.
  • You spend less than forur hours a day on your feet.
  • You have lost of caffeine in your diet.

With no more than two of these risk factors and low bone density, or more than two and normal bone density, your risk of fracture is reasonably low about the same as that of someone without any of these risk factors. With five or more factors, combined with low bone density, your risk escalates to more than 25 that of someone without risk factors.

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