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Foot Odor Disease Natural Cures

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Smelly feet? Not me, you says. Before you move on to the next topic, however, perhaps you should ask your nearest and dearest whether your feet create their unique atmospheric conditions:)

Here are some tips how to use natural cures against foot odor disease.

Baking soda
Baking soda powders work, because they absorb foot perspiration and odors. They work best when used along with other moisture reducing measures, such as frequent sock changes.

Astringent soaks
Foot soaks help keep feet clean. But soak can do more than that. With extra added ingredients, a soak can turn into a bacteria blasting, sweat stopping extravaganza. Besides baking soda, people say they have used successfully used Epsom salt, vinegar, lemon juice, chlorine bleach, black tea and borax to knock out foot odor.

Fresh socks
Frequent sock changes are something strongly recommended.

Feet can get as hot and bothered as underarms, contributing to odor problems, so there is good reasons people turn to antiperspirants to dry up foot odors. Is a good idea to use a roll on or pads that contain aluminium chlorohydrate and cover the bottom of the feet, including the webbed spaces between the toes. This should be done once a day after washing and drying the feet.

Zinc is necessary for healing and for many chemical reactions in the body. Perhaps it somehow makes the skin more resistant to the bacteria that cause odors. If you decide to try this remedy, it is best to take no more than 15 milligrams of zinc a day without medical supervision. That is because high levels of zinc can interfere with the absorption of copper, another essential trace mineral

Antibacterial soaps
Antibacterial soaps is a good natural cures against foot odor disease. People should wash their feet with soap and water and to clean between their toes at least once a day. Simply standing in the shower and letting the water run over your feet isn’t washing them.

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