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Foods That Affect Our Health

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The following foods and drinks should be completely excluded from your diet:

1- White sugar and everything made with it. This means: ice cream, pastries, cookies, candies, soft drinks, commercially baked breads, etc.

2- Even other forms of sugar, such as brown, raw, turbinado, and fruit sugar, should be avoided. Honey can be used, but only in strict moderation-not more than 1/2 tsp. at time, maximum 1 tsp. a day.

3- White flour and everything made with it: bread (much of commercially sold bread, although it is labeled as brown or whole-grain bread, contains white flour), packaged breakfast cereals, cookies, pastries, pies, gracies.

4- All soft drinks, root beers, and so called juice-drinks. Even those drinks that are sugar free, must be avoided. Remember: it is not only the sugar and the refined carbohydrates that contribute to the development ofhypoglycemia, but anything that damages your health generally and causes extra strain and stress on the system. Artificial sweeteners and artificial flavourings, as well as phosphoric, citric, and other strong acids added to even sugar-free soft drinks, are definitely harmful and should be avoided.

5- Coffee and caffeine-containing soft drinks, such as colas.

6- Alcohol and tobacco.

7- Excessive amounts of sweet fruit or vegetable juices, even if they are natural and without added sugar. Example: carrot juice, grape juice, apple juice, orange juice-all contain large amounts of sugar which can be harmful for hypoglycemics, especially those who are super-sensitive to concentrated carbohydrates; they even can contribute to the development of hypoglycemia or diabetes in those who are healthy.

8- All processed, canned, refined, and other denatured supermarket-sold, man-made foods, even TV dinners and breakfast cereals. Buy only fresh foods, grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc., and prepare your own meals.

9- An excess of protein, especially meat. If you insist on eating animal protein foods, a moderate amount of meat or fish can be allowed, perhaps once a week, but their addition to the diet is not necessary.

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