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Foods for a Healthy Bladder

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The principles of healthy eating stress the advantage of high fibre, natural foods, and the dangers of too much sugar, fat and salt.

Many of us find these rules hard to follow, however, despite their scientific backing. The main obstacles are probably our inborn resistance to changing familiar habits.

New diets appear weekly, and while some are sound attempts to combat health hazards such as high cholesterol levels or hypoglycemia, others appear less convincing. That diet can affect mood and emotion profoundly is evidenced by our preference for comfort-providing junk foods when we are feeling low.

Chocolate, for example besides giving us an immediate  sense of vitality and well-being by raising the blood sugar level, supplies chemicals that lift a low mood; while the cheering effect of alcohol is too familiar to need detailing. In one survey, many bingers, chocoholics and solitary imbibers pointed to the sheer reliability of sweet, fatty foods and alcohol in relieving misery and stress, frequently in situations involving less dependable-or non-existent-loved ones.

Food and drink can also aggravate, or relieve, many physical ailments. But while disorders of the digestive system-such as peptic ulcer, spastic colon, colitis, Crohn’s disease   – are  easy to relate to diet, those affecting other bodily organs, including the bladder, have little apparent connection.

Here are the reasons that support how diet can relieve cystitis:

-certain foods tend to irritate the bladder and urethral lining of healthy people when the broken-down products of    those foods are excreted in the urine; other, generally non-irritant, foods can also trigger cystitis symptoms in people hypersensitive to them. You can identify the foods you are sensitive to and eliminate them from your diet.

– healthy whole foods are rich in  nutrients , that help boost the immune defence system against infection.

– certain foods can help relieve pain and fight depression.

– an adequate liquid intake is essential to health, and is especially important to cystitis sufferers.  Choice of drinks is equally important.

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