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Food Allergies

Posted by on Monday, October 5, 2009, 16:38
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The world allergy means aversion and has its roots in the Greek word antipathies. In orthodox medical circles, therm allergy is strictly applied to substances which cause an instant  immune reaction in an individual.

These immune reactions can be quite sever, resulting in hay fever, asthma, hives, rashes, vomiting, swelling of the breathing passages and, in the most severe cases, death. This sort of immune response is easily measured with a blood test looking for a type of reaction called an IgE antibody.

Almost any substance or food can cause this reaction, but it is most likely to be found in airborne allergens, such as pollen and house mite farces, insect bites and stings, and detergents. The most common food culprits are peanuts, sesame seeds, egg whites, dairy products, soya, shellfish, fish, citrus fruit, and some highly coloured fruit such as cherries.

More recently, a group of food related problems have been acknowledged as the cause of a wide variety of health problems. Because they do not trigger the classical IgE reaction which can be tested for, their relevance has been the subject of debate amongst more orthodox physicians. To compound the confusion these reactions to food have been grouped under the heading of allergies, when strictly speaking they should probably be grouped separately as sensitive or intolerance’s.

The main distinguishing feature between  allergies and food sensitivities or intolerances is that the latter are reactions which can show symptoms anytime up to 72 hours after eating the food. This makes them difficult to diagnose. These reactions are also commonly linked to foods which are eaten very frequently.

One of the key symptoms of food sensitives and intolerance is bloating. This can be caused by inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract, or due to wind as the food are not broken down properly. They can also cause water retention, and exacerbate

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  1. DIdo_rdh
    6 October, 2009, 2:05

    An allergic reactions are life threatening or else called anaphylactic reaction. It is recommended to always keep epinephrine (epi-pen) for people that are at high risk of allergic reaction..
    Nice article…

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