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Fight Diarrhea Disease

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Though created by such diverse causes as parasitic or bacterial infection, excess magnesium, antibiotics, and the inability to digest milk products, diarrhea is often nothing more than increased water in the stool.

But rather than get caught in the proverbial flood, here are simple tips and remedies against diarrhea.

Blackberry, apple
Old fashioned fruit remedies may have actually inspired today’s over the counter antidiarrheal preparations. Lot of medications have been developed based on remedies that people have used over the years. Kaopectate, an over the counter antidiarrheal, contains pectin, which is found in fruits like apples and blackberries and seems to be very useful in treating diarrhea.

From the same plant family, both apples and blackberries have a traditional of use for diarrhea dating back at least as far as ancient rome. Pectin, a water soluble fiber which cab blind acids and cholesterol in the intestines, is found in many fruits, vegetables and seeds. Blackberry leaves also contain tannins, which could serve as an intestinal astringent.

Slipping bananas into your diet when you have diarrhea adds important fiber and potassium. While fiber helps sop up excess water, helping firm your stool, potassium is a chemical essential for metabolism. Some who suffer from diarrhea can develop low levels of potassium, which bananas can help replace.

Take acidophiles tablets with meals to help preventing getting diarrhea. Though to help control the balance between friendly bacteria and bad bacteria in the digestive tract, acidophilus can also be found in yogurt. Check the label before you buy to make sure yogurt contains live acidophiles cultures.

Bland diet
Bland diet is among the best remedies for an acute attack of diarrhea. Rice and rice milk, potatoes and plain toast all have something in common. They are all excellent for a bland diet, which can be helpful in combating diarrhea. It is difficult to say why this type of diet help you when you are suffering from diarrhea, but we know that a bland diet of complex carbohydrates has taxing on an already stressed digestive system.

Charcoal is known to be adsorbent that if bacterial toxins are the cause of the diarrhea, they could be attracted and held by the charcoal. This would make the toxins less active.

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