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Fatigue Natural Cures

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Just about all of us are tired occasionally. We come home from work too weary to do more than pry open a can of beans and plop down in front of the television. Some of us, on the other hand, are tired most of the time. Such constant tiredness can result from chronic health problems that drain the body’s energy reserves.

For each individual, finding a balance of activity and rest, work and pleasure, and give and take helps to restore both physical energy and a love for life. Experts do note that it is important to determine the cause of fatigue that lingers for more than two weeks, however the fatigue can be helped.

Fatigue Natural Cures Against Fatigue:

Rest more
Taking a load off by sitting down, putting your feet up or even lying down is a good way to prevent or relieve the muscle fatigue that can come after long periods of physical activity. It also relieves pressure on joints and the spine that can lead to pain and a sense of physical weariness.

If you are sleeping during the afternoon, allow yourself no more than an hour’s worth of shut eye. More time than that sets you up for problems sleeping at night. If you feel like you need more than an hour’s nap, you may not be getting enough sleep at night, or you have a sleeping problem that requires medical attention.

Get moving
All things in moderation’s goes for rest, too. Too much time in bed can backfire badly, resulting in reduced muscle mass and endurance. That’ is why the flip side of adequate rest is a healthy dose of physical activity, and the people who seem to have the most energy find ways to balance both.

Exercise maintains muscle mass, so you can expend energy for daily activities such as cleaning or grocery shopping without feeling exhausted. It helps to keep your heart strong, your blood pressure normal and your lung clears. And it circulates blood through tissues. Many people say regular exercise gives them a sense of alertness and well being, which translates into less stress related fatigue.

Eat for energy
Don’t expect a high energy performance if you are filling up on low grade fuel. What is considered goo fuel?

Your basic good diet, from the looks of it. People recommend complex carbohydrates such as whole grain, fruits, and vegetables and going easy on the fatty meats and sweets. When it comes to recommending performance specific nutrients, B complex vitamin and iron top the list, followed by calcium and magnesium.

In fact B complex vitamins are involved in a process called energy metabolism. They help your body convert calories from sugar and carbohydrates into fuel. Without them , energy producing lags. Iron also plays an important role in energy production. It carries the oxygen need to burn calories throughout the body.

Among women who have no yet gone through menopause, iron deficiency is a well known cause of fatigue. Iron is also known to be involved in the body’s production of neurotransmitters, chemicals that effect alertness, sleep patterns and other brain functions.

If you want assurance that you are getting nutrients in adequate amounts, doctors generally recommend talking a multivitamin supplement. If you want to take additional magnesium, iron B complex vitamins, discus these supplements with your doctor.

Coffee and sugar
Although this issue is controversial, some experts agree that some people do better staying away from caffeine and sugar. Eating sugar provides a temporary rise in blood sugar, which may improve energy levels for a time, but it is often followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar, which leaves some people feeling tired, fuzzy headed and ready for more sugar.

Whether it is soothing hot bath or shower or an invigorating dip in a lake, water seems to have a special power to relax and revive people, according to Doctors. Hot weather can be a real energy drainer, and some people have found that water’s cooling properties help keep them going.

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