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Home Treatment For Eyes

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It’s not always possible for people to go to a competent physician for relief. To them who have eye related problems I wish to say that it is possible to correct defective eyesight without the aid either of a physician or of anyone else.

They can improve their own sight by following a few simple directions. Place a test card on the wall at the distance of ten, fourteen, or twenty feet, and devote half a minute a day, or longer to reading the smallest letters you can see, with each eye separately, covering the other with the palm of the hand in such a way as to avoid touching the eyeball.

Keep a record of the progress made, with the dates. The simplest way to do this is by the method used by oculists, who record the vision in the form of a fraction, with the distance at which the letter ir read as the numerator and the distance at which it ought to be read as the denominator.

The figures above or to one side of the lines letters on the test card indicate the distance at which these letters should be read by persons with normal eyesight. Thus a vision of 10/200 would mean that the big C, which on a standart chart ought to be read at two hundred feet, cannot be seen at a greater distance than ten feet. A vision of 20/10 would mean that the ten line, which the normal eye is not ordinarily expected to read a greater distance than teen feet, is seen at twice that distance. This is a standart commonly attained by persons who have practiced my methods.

Children under twelve years of age who have not worn glasses can usually correct defective eyesight by the above method in three month, six month, or a year. Adults who have never worn glasses are benefited in a very short time a week or two and if the trouble is not very bad, it may be removed in three to six months. Children or adults who have worn glasses, however, are more difficult to relieve, and they usually have to practice the methods of gaining relaxation . They also have to devote considerable time to the treatment.

It is absolutely necessary that the glasses be discarded. No halfway measures can be tolerated, if complete relief is desired. Do not attempt to wear weaker glasses, and do not wear glasses for emergencies. Persons who are unable to do without glasses for all purposes are not likely to be able to cure themselves.

Children and adults who have worn glasses will have to devote an hour longer every day to practice with the test card, and additional time to practice an other objects. It is well to have two test cards, one to be used at the near point, where it can be seen best, and the other at ten or twenty feet. It will be found very helpful to shift from the near card to the distant one, as the unconscious memory of the letters seen at the near point helps to bring out those seen at the distance.

If you can secure the aid of some person with normal sight, it will be a great advantage. In facts, persons whose cases are obstinate wil find it very difficult to cure themselves without the aid of the teacher. The teacher is he is to be of help, must himself be able to derive benefit from the various methods recommended. A person who has defective sight, either for the distance or for the near point, will be unable to be of any material assistance in obstinate cases, and no one can be of any assistance in the application of any method which he himself has not used successfully.

Parents who wish to preserve and improve the eyesight of their children should encourage them to read the test card every day. There should be a test card in every family, in fact, for when properly used it always prevents myopia and other errors of refraction, always improves the vision, even when this is already normal, and always benefits functional nervous troubles.

Parents should improve their own eyesight to normal, so that their children may not imitate wrong methods of using the eyes and will not be subject to the influence of an atmosphere of strain. They should also learn the principles of central fixation in order that they may teach them to their children.

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