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Effects of Child Abuse in Adulthood

Posted by on Sunday, December 6, 2009, 14:08
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Many victims of incest will have difficulty establish ing a relationship with a partner in adulthood. They are unable to trust, to communicate, to establish intimacy, and they avoid all sex.

Others appear to be able to put the negative experiences behind them, to fall in love and enjoy great sex for an indefinite period of time.

Then suddenly a particular smell, a specific touch, a sexual move may trigger a sudden flashback.

All the old feelings of revulsion, of anger, of powerlessness may flood back in an emotional storm. Partners, not understanding what preceded this outburst, blame themselves ”What did I do wrong?”
and feel rejected. Males who are victims of incest or sexual assault (rape) suffer the same emotions. Generally, they are less willing to seek therapy, believing that as a male, they should be able to cope with their feelings of anger and resentment.

They tend to believe that once they fall in love it will all be better. But they often find it difficult to establish an intimate relationship with a partner until they manage to get some help. Incest also affects all areas of a person’s life. It is estimated that between 40 and 70 percent of women who were incest victims have a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol.

We do know that kids who disclose and receive help, support and comfort from other members of the family and are able to get some counselling change from being victims to being “survivors” who are able to be intimate and sexual in a loving relationship. For those of you who have gone through these neg ative sexual experiences in your past, I would strongly urge you to get help through individual therapy, and later, when you feel ready, progress to group therapy which is very effective.

You may even, in individual therapy, remember incidents that you have forgotten but which are still affecting you. Once you have gained some insight into the effects of sexual abuse on your self-image and on your ability to relate in a close, loving, intimate relationship, then sex therapy for different dysfunCtiofls will be much more effective.


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