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Eat Right For Life

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No diet will work if you think of it as something you do for a limited time, before going back to business as usual. That is certainly trues for weight loss.

Eventually, you won’t be conscious of being on a diet, you will just automatically choose the foods you need and avoid the ones that aren’t contributing to the bottom line, good health and a body the function smoothly and efficiently.

Before you get the the chapters on specific nutrients and the many plans, there are a few general guidelines you should follow:

  • Educate yourself about nutrition, cooking strategies and exercise.
  • Make it a habit to rad food labels, so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • If your family’s favorites don’t meet diet standards, don’t just forget about them look for ways to alter them to make them healthier but still delicious.
  • Adjust the other seasoning in your food so they won’t require as much salt and/or sugar.
  • Buy organic whenever that is an option.
  • Choose whole grains over refines, and fresh foods over canned, frozen, or packaged, because any kind of packaging destroys nutrients.
  • Recognize that as you get older you need even more nutrients, although most people take in even fewer as they age.

Experiment with using less meat. Pick dishes more like stews or stir fries, where a small amount of cut up chicken, mixed with a variety of vegetables, goes a long way, rather than roasted chicken or whole chicken breasts. Everyone needs a certain amount of protein in is or her diet for good health, but American generally get too much of it. Protein, especially meat protein, draws calcium out of your bones during the digestion process.

Meat, the usual source of protein in the typical American diet, also tends to be full of saturated fat, and eating a lot of it puts you at risk of many diseases, including heart disease, and breast and colon cancer. You don’t not have to forswear steak forever but you can’t dine on it nightly and expect to keep your heart happy. The more¬†you cut back, the better.

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