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Dry Skin Secrets

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Special considerations and secrets for dry skin.

1.    Dry skin can be caused and aggravated by frequent swimming in chlorinated pools and frequent exposure to wind and salt water. If you swim often, rinse the skin well every time you get out of the water. If you are often exposed to wind and salt water, wear a heavy moisturizer for protection .

2.    Some acne medications can cause severe surface dryness. If you have blemish problems, you probably are not a dry skin type. See recommendations for Oily or Blemished Skin and follow the suggested guidelines.

3.    Air travel in pressurized cabins dehydrates the skin. If you fly frequently, drink plenty of water and mist your face often while wearing a moisturizer that contains a good humectant.

4.    Overconsumption of alcohol will contribute to dehydration of the skin.

5    Be aware that dieting can create a dry skin condition if oils have been eliminated from the diet. The body needs a certain amount of oil every day to provide the essential fatty acids that are necessary both for healthy skin and a healthy body Oils should not be eliminated from the diet for a long period of time. If this is necessary, essential fatty acids should be supplemented.

6.    Harsh cosmetics can cause/aggravate dry skin.

7.    Dry skin can benefit from nutritional supplementation. Vitamin A keeps the skin supple and relieves roughness. The B vitamins help to balance the skin’s glandular activity Vitamin C assists glandular activity and is also crucial to the formation of collagen and elastic, the building blocks of the skin. Vitamin E softens skin and is required for tissue metabolism. It also conserves oxygen, slowing the signs of aging. Essential fatty acids help to keep the skin youthful.

8.    Drinking plenty of water is important for dry skin as an internal moisturizer.

9.    Avoid diuretic foods such as coffee, tea, cranberry juice, parsley, water cress, spinach, and eggplant because they cause the body to lose water.

10.    If you have truly dry skin yet the pores are dilated, it may be the result of using creams which are too rich, left on too long, or used in too great a quantity

11    Avoid cold water on the face. It slows and suppresses the glandular activity and circulation, both of which need to be stimulated, not suppressed, in dry skin.

12.    Overusing powder cosmetics such as blushers and translucent powders can be drying to the skin.

13.    Always protect dry skin from sun damage with a sunblock.

14.    Try not to let your shampoo run down over your face when you rinse your hair. Shampoos are made with detergents and are far too strong for the facial skin.

15.    Keep all hair products off the facial skin, especially hair spray it can be drying as well as irritating.

16.    Use humidifiers in rooms that are artificially heated to replace the moisture in the air that is lost to the dry heat.

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