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Different Kinds of Oils

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Different Kinds of Oils

All oils are 100% fat and the same number of calories as solid fats.The difference is the type of fat. You may find you’re confused by what’s on the label. A couple of explanations .
No cholesterol doesn’t mean that the oil is special. All oils are vegetable products, so they don’t contain cholesterol anyway.

Manufacturers could just as well put “no diamond dust” on the label. If you want to reduce your blood cholesterol you need to reduce your total fat intake. All oils are 100% fat. Light doesn’t mean that the oil is light in the fat or calories.”Light” usually refers to lightness of texture, flavour or colour.

How to add less oil to your food
When you’re cooking with oil, try to use non-stick pans and heat the oil before you add food. That way, the food sits in the oil for a shorter time and absorbs less.
Using mellow balsamic or fruit vinegars in salad dressings lets you use less oil.

Mustard , herbs and garlic will also boost the flavour. Spray your baking pans with a cooking spray that contains vegtable oil (such as corn or soy) plus lecithin which helps oil and water solutions stick together. These sprays prevent sticking by forming a thin film between the food and the baking tray. Shake the can well before using and us only on cold surface.

Are olive oils and canola oil good choices?
Yes, because they’re high in monounsaturates.But this does not mean that more is better. All oil is still 100% fat.

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