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Diet Simply Don’t Work

Posted by on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 9:35
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You have no doubt heard women say, “It’s so infuriating. He eats one piece of toast instead of two, switches light beer, cuts his snacks in half, and he loses weight.

I practically starve myself to get rid of one lousy pound, and he is boasting about the five pounds he is dropped this week. I can’t stand it” Back to the evolution. In the interest of survival of our species, women are extremely important.

Mush as we man may dislike this, it is a fact that in the natural scheme of things, nature can afford to lose more man than women. So, women who can store enough fat to no only survive, but to reproduce too, are the hardiest among us.

Unfortunately, this biological imperative also makes it difficult fro women to lose weight, particularly premenopausal women whose fertility must, in the evolutionary sense, be protected. A husband can brag about his weight loss, but in our abundant society, he now has a distinct advantage. The fact that he is ,ore biologically dispensable makes it easier for him to fight evolution. This is one reason more women are overweight than man.

Estrogen, one of the female hormones responsible for ovulation, also appears to play a part in maintaining weight. Where once this was a blessing, it is now a curse of sorts. Back when food supplies were seasonal and generally scarce, a woman who efficiently maintained body fat could ovulate and carry a fetus to term. Hence, regeneration could continue because of women’s ability to store fat and because of the body’s struggle to maintain homeostasis.

Frankly, our bodies haven’t changed much in response to excess food supplies. In our weight loss study, we noted that premenopausal woman, and those on estrogen replacement therapy, lost weight at a slower rate than man of all ages and postmenopausal women who were not taking estrogen. This difference should not discourage women from attempting to lose weight.

The biological situation, which woks against women, combined with our society’s emphasis on being thin, contribute to the continuation of the yo-yo syndrome. More diets, more self help programs, more weight loss centers.

And for many people, especially women, this atmosphere finally result in the depressing conclusion that one more diet isn’t the answer. But the answer is the same for man too. Diets simply don’t work!!

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