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Diet For Treating And Preventing Asthma

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The recommended diet for preventing and treating Asthma disease is essentially the same healthy diet  for respiratory disease.

The foods to avoid if you have a respiratory condition are, first and foremost, milk and dairy products, in addition to sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

Milk can increase and thicken mucus and may be an unsuspected cause of food allergy; sugar can weaken immunity and is the primary fuel for bacterial infections and candida, as is alcohol; while caffeine has a multitude of potentially harmful side effects.

If you suspect you have candidiasis, it is recommended that you  adhere to the candida control diet.

There is a distinct possibility that food allergy may be one of the primary causes of your nasal allergies, chronic sinusitis, or asthma. There is a growing body of research to support this theory, and actual practice has demonstrated that the elimination of milk from the diet can provide dramatic relief for a significant number of allergy and sinus sufferers, as well as asthmatics.

It often takes at least a month after stopping milk before the benefits are noticed. The other foods with a higher probability of triggering these respiratory conditions are wheat, eggs, corn, and soy. The best way to confirm this diagnosis is to eliminate from your diet for at least one month all of these foods that are most often responsible for food allergies (see the complete list earlier under Risk Factors and Causes of Allergies).

Then begin to reintroduce each of these foods in a pure form into your diet at the rate of one every three days. Pay attention to your body and note any new symptoms such as headache, nasal congestion and itching, increased mucus secretion, nausea, diarrhea, gas, or mental fog.

It should be obvious to you which food, if any, causes your body to react. Food allergy is often present with more severe cases of candidiasis .

If you find that your child is allergic to milk, then add a chewable calcium supplement to his or her diet. Avoid those with high sugar content. They are available in most health food stores, as are calcium enriched orange juice, and either rice or soy milk to add to cereal.

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  4. Sarah Hill
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    I completely agree 100%. Ever since I stopped drinking dairy milk (I now drink soy or almond, and only with cereal or for cooking) I feel soo much better and get sick much less frequently! I just read a lot of interesting things about asthma on as well. Thanks for sharing!

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