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Depression, How To Stay Well

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Once you have recovered from the most of the symptoms of depression and are thinking more clearly, you will want to work on staying well.

One way to stay well is to understand that you are in charge of helping yourself be healthy. You make the ultimate decisions.

Ideas for staying strong:

– Be patient with yourself when you feel tired, sad, or irritable in the early stages of your treatment. Your symptoms may not go away for several weeks or more. Treat yourself as you would your best friend (with care and respect)

– Ask your family and friends if they see a difference in your behaviour and outlook. Sometimes you may not think you are getting better when you really are.

– Do not stop or charge any part of your treatment without first talking about your decision with your mental health professional. Ask for their advice and support.

– Be sure your home environments feels safe and nurturing. If it doesn’t you may need to seek family counseling or move away from home temporarily until you are feeling better ( a caring relative or friend’s family may be willing to take you in for a while)

– Keep a journal of your feelings, activities, experiences, goals and successes. A journal is a safe place for exploring your feelings through writing, art, poetry, or doodling. Whatever you put in your journal is private, and no one else needs to see it. Reviewing your journal is a good way to tell if your thinking is negative or positive.

To stay positive , be aware of how your mind and body work together as a whole. Your thoughts influence your physical, mental, and emotional self in very dramatic ways. Part of staying well is learning to think positive and control your thoughts.

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