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Dementia Treatment

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Treatment for dementia revolves around reducing symptoms when possible, establishing ways to deal with symptoms which do not respond to dementia treatment, and individual and family counseling to help those involved to better cope .

The goal of Dementia treatment is to maintain and/or to improve functional ability. General health measures such as proper rest, a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and good personal hygiene are recommended.

It is important to maintain daily routines, social contacts, and intellectual stimulation. Memory aids such as a calendar; a written activities list; labels on household items; and verbal reminders of time, place, and person help people help themselves.

On rare occasions medication may be used to treat dementia, agitation, or insomnia. (In general, medication use in dementia is severely limited because of potentially serious side effects.) Both individuals and their families can benefit from group and individual counseling.

Increased publicity about these illnesses and their problems in recent years has led to the establishment of family support groups across the country. In addition, researchers continue to look for the causes of dementia as well as for an effective treatment.

Studies using choline, procaine, hormones, and other medications to treat dementia have been inconclusive so far. Although little is known about prevention of dementia, it is considered important to maintain optimum mental functioning.

Older people should stay mentally and physically active and develop outside interests, hobbies, and other activities. Adequate rest, regular exercise, and a balanced diet are also recommended It is important to tend to minor illnesses immediately and to avoid unnecessary medications.

Early detection and treatment of high blood pressure will help prevent multi infarct dementia.

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