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Dandruff Remedies

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People want to look their best at work and for their spouses, they tell me, and a flurry of white flakes takes the sparkle off even the best groomed appearance. For run of the mill dandruff, experts offer these dandruff remedies.

Stay clean
Regular shampooing breaks up the larger than normal flakes of skin from dandruff, making them less noticeable. And it helps to prevent the buildup of hair spray, mousse and styling gels, which can cause flakiness and set the stage for scalp itchiness.

Dandroof shampoos
They are some cool products out there that will do the job. In case your dandruff shampoo isn’t doing the job, make sure you leave it on for a full five minutes. If you leave it for less time, you are undermining the shampoo’s effectiveness.

Although excess oil can cause problems, an occasional warm oil treatment may help loosen and soften dandruff scales. It also treats the dry scalp that causes the flakes in the first place. You may want to apply the oil, then brush vigorously with a natural bristle hairbrush for a few minutes to loosen flakes before you wash.

Vinegar is a remedy for dandruff that smells as good as it works. Vinegar and other mildly acidic solutions, such as lemon juice help fighting dandruff by helping to remove flakes.

In some cases you can use mouth  wash antimicrobial ingredients. So does Listerine mouthwash:) An ingredient in the mouthwash, thymol, obtained from thyme oil, has antiseptic properties that can help alleviate dandruff.

You can make your own thyme rinse by boiling four heaping tablespoons of dried thyme in two cups of water for ten minutes. Strain the brew and allow it to cool. Pour half mixture over clean, damp hair, making sure the liquid covers the scalp. Massage in gently. Do not rise. Save the remainder for another day.

If you have a severe case of dandruff, it is best not to use this tip. Listerine could prove irritating if it comes in contact with any open cuts.

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