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Cystitis Treatment

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Do bear in mind, that common disorders have common causes. Infections of the urinary tract are the second most common infection to be seen by doctors. Very few cases of cystitis turn out to be due to tumours, and not many considering the number of cases seen yearly turn out to be due to a stone in kidney or ureter, or to structural abnormalities.

So please do not assume that you have something appalling wrong with you, just because your symptoms are going to be investigated at the hospital. If your urine is infected, misuse of toilet paper or contamination of your urethra during love making, are far more likely causes.

Doctors who have specialized in urological medicine are, without doubt, the best people to treat complex kidney and bladder problems. Getting orthodox cystitis treatment for some of the possible causes of cystitis, however, still leaves a tremendous amount of room for self help and self management methods.

Only around 50 per cent of cases of cystitis turn out to be due to infections, and the most sensible approach is to know when to visit your doctor, and when to manage the attack without help, either alone ore with the assistance of alternative medicine.

It is useful to know about the conventional treatment for cystitis, however, and hoe it works. Fewer people would pay unnecessary visits to their doctors if the y understood what they ( in the name of modern medicine) are able to do, and what is quite beyond them.

Conversely, more people who really do need help and are either too shy or too frightened to ask for it, might well pluck and ring for an appointment if they knew how very unfrightening simple medical treatment is. Not all drugs are harmful toxins causing serious side effects, however much there is to be said in favour of natural alternatives. And antibiotics are mandatory treatment for bacterial cystitis, to prevent kidney damage.

The type of bacteria detected by the bacteriological lab tests is important. The most likely is E.coli, and the most next likely is Proteus mirabilis. These names may not mean much to you, but your doctor might mention the findings, and the importance of the above types is that they all suggest uncomplicated infection in a normal urinary tract.

Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for cystitis right away, in case infection is responsible. Uncomplicated urinary infection in young woman is generally treated with a short course of antibiotics, either as a single high dose or for one to three days. In certain cases, treatment may be needed for many months.Thus, whether you weigh a hefty 108 kn, or a slim, slight 51 kg, your dosage will be identical.

When kidney infection is present, though, the concentration of the drug in the blood stream is very important, and this would mean adjusting the dosage according to body weight. Some kind of antibiotic used to treat cystitis are:

-Nitrofurantoin etc.

Side effects
All of the antibiotics so far mentioned, can cause their own particular range of side effects. They can cause nausea, vomiting, inflammation,skin rashes etc

Oestrogen therapy
The urethra is actually embedded in the front wall of vagina, and the lower part of it develops from the same tissue as the vagina, while the baby is in the womb. Because of this, the declining oestrogen level that takes place during the menopause effects the lining of the vagina and the urethra equally.

This is one of the causes for the urinary symptoms that show themselves during or after the menopause, irritation within the urethra, and having to get up at night to pass water.

Surgical help
Besides anatomical defects, and kidney stones, there is a further instance in which your doctor might recommend a minor operation. That is if you suffer from recurrent bouts of the urethral syndrome are still of reproductive age and are not helped very much by antibiotics.It has been found that many woman have their urethra’s tethered inside their vagina’s by remnants of the hymen.

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