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Cystitis Cure Information

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Cystitis is primarily a women’s disease, but it can also affect men. Twenty percent of all women will suffer from an episode of cystitis at some time during their lifetimes.

Cystitis also known as bladder infection is the inflammation of the urinary tract, most often caused by infection. The most common culpris id E. coli, the intestinal bacteria that is vital to maintaining intestinal health, but devastating when the bacteria enters the urethra and makes its way to the bladder.

The reason women are twenty five times more vulnerable to bladder infections that are men is due to simple anatomical differences. Because the female bladder is much shorter than the male urethra, E. coli have an easy time reaching the female bladder.

When you don’t drink enough fluids to wash them away, the microorganisms adhere to the bladder walls and begin multiplying. The result? An intense urge to urinate, burning during urination and, in some cases, blood in the urine, which can be very frightening.

All opathic medicine uses antibiotics as the first line of defence, specially the drugs Bactrim, Septra, or Cipro. Antibiotics will help prevent a simple bladder infection from turning into a life threatening kidney infection, and are often necessary once the infection takes hold.

The problem with antibiotics, however, is that they are not selective and kill as many good bacteria as bad bacteria. This, in turn, alters the body’s normal balance of microorganisms and because the microorganisms are altered, the conditions are also optimal for vaginal yeast infections.

To make matters worse, for many women cystitis is a chronic condition, so they must take antibiotics frequently. To add to their misery, these women run the risk of developing antibiotic resistant infections, as well as yeast infections.

If you have a tendency to contract cystitis, a combination of common sense and supplements may help to prevent a recurrence.

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