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Cut Back On Trans Fatty Acids

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Cut Back On Trans Fatty Acids

Although margarine was introduced on the market as being healthier than butter, this may not be true. Margarine is high in unusual fats called trans fatty acids. These substances seem to raise total cholesterol: even worse, they seem to raise LDL cholesterol and reduce HDL cholesterol.

Any food that containsĀ  “hydrogenated ” or “partially hydrogenated” oils also contains these unhealthy fats. However , this is a rapidly evolving subject or research. A study performed at the Mayo Clinic suggested that a form of margarine from Finland does lower cholesterol due to the presence of a special constituent made from wood pulp called stanol ester.

Currently, two brands of this new cholesterol-lowering margarine areĀ  widely available. However, the long term effects of these products have not been studied and are unknown.

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