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Cure For Stress Incontinence

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Stress incontinence occurs when urine is lost involuntarily while coughing or straining. It is usually caused by loss of tone in the muscles which support the bladder, vagina, and rectum, but it may also
occur because of urinary tract or vaginal infection or urinary obstruction.

If the incontinence is caused by infection, treatment with the appropriate antibiotics should cure it. To cure stress incontinence caused by weak pelvic muscles (the most common cause), the muscles can be strengthened by daily practice of Kegel’s exercises, also called pelvic floor exercises.

To do these exercises, concentrate on alternately relaxing and contracting the muscles you use to stop and start urination, the vaginal muscles, and the rectal muscles you use to stop and start bowel movement.

Slowly contract and relax these muscles five or six times and gradually work up to doing this several times a day. You can also practice this when urinating. You are using the correct muscles if you can start and then stop the flow of urine several times during urination.

Here are some other stress incontinence cures:

1.    Try to urinate every three hours or so.
2.    Avoid severe constipation, which can cause incontinence by fecal impaction.
3.    Limit fluids at bedtime; be sure to drink enough fluid during the day, however.
4.    Limit alcohol and tea, coffee, or other caffeine containing beverages.

In some instances the muscles can be surgically repaired.

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