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Cure Aging Disease

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How Beta Carotene can fight and cure aging disease?

Blocks Cancer: One antioxidant you must not skimp on if you want to avoid cancer is beta carotene. More than one hundred studies show that people with high levels of beta carotene in their diet and in their blood are about half as likely to develop various cancers, notably of the lung, but also of the mouth, throat, esophagus, larynx, stomach, breast and bladder.

A landmark Johns Hopkins University study found that people with low blood levels of beta carotene were four times more apt to develop a specific deadly type of lung cancer due to smoking.

Further, three Australian studies suggest that beta carotene blocks development of cancer of the cervix. Megadoses of beta carotene supplements reversed precancerous lesions of the mouth in 50 to 70 percent of subjects who took it.

In men with colon cancer, doses of 30 milligrams of beta carotene a day inhibited specific cancer promoting activity in cells by 44 percent after only two weeks and 57 percent after nine weeks. The activity remained low even six months after the men stopped taking the beta carotene.

This suggests beta carotene is a cancer chemopreventive agent, says James Walter Kikendall, a gastroenterologist at Walter Reed Army Hospital Medical Center. A recent Australian study found that
women with breast cancer who consumed the most beta carotene had twelve times better survival rates over a sixyear period than those who ate the least.

One explanation: Beta carotene blocks the proliferation of cancer cells. You can’t expect beta carotene to save you quickly, especially from longtime cigarette smoking. It takes at least twelve years of high doses of beta carotene to thwart the onset of lung cancer, authorities say.

Prevents Heart Attacks: The evidence is compelling showing that beta carotene wards off cardiovascular disease, probably by keeping arteries from clogging. The most dramatic finding: A Harvard study showed that male physicians who took 50-milligram supplements of beta carotene every other day for six years had only half as many fatal heart attacks, strokes and heart disease incidents in general as doctors taking a dummy pill.

Prevents Strokes: Beta carotene seems to help prevent one of the most feared consequences of aging stroke. Women who ate at least five beta carotene rich carrots a week were 68 percent less likely to have a stroke compared with women who ate carrots once a month or less, according to a Harvard study of ninety thousand women.

Eating lots of beta carotene packed spinach also cut the stroke risk 40 percent. Indeed, Harvard researcher Dr. JoAnn Manson says studies suggest that beta carotene has the strongest promise in preventing strokes, whereas vitamin E seems to work best against heart attacks. High intakes of beta carotene may reduce cardiovascular risk after two years It takes at least twelve years for beta carotene to cut lung cancer risk, research indicates.

Stimulates Immune Functioning: Beta carotene supplements can greatly improve the makeup of your immune cells, according to tests at the University of Arizona. In a study of sixty older men and women (average age fiftysix), those who took 30 to 60 milligrams of beta carotene daily for two months had more natural killer cells, T-helper cells and activated lymphocytes.

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