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Cough Remedies

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There are lots of ways and remedies for cough. Whether they are sipping depression era cough syrup or swallowing red hot mustard, here are he best way patients use to cure the cough.

Whether squeezed over a spoonful of honey, sucked, poured into tea or hidden in a cough drop, lemon juice topped the list of my cough stoppers. In fact, nearly half cite this sour, yellow citrus for it is cough fighting qualities.

Lemon juice not only stimulates the glands that lubricate your mouth and throat, but also lessens the little known cough producing effects of excess stomach acid. The acid from stomach will come up into the lower esophagus, causing coughing fits. Lemon juice stimulates the saliva flow. It makes the mouth water and neutralizes the acid and it cure the cough.

Tea is another cough remedy, of all types help spell relief for a nagging cough according to experts. Drinking hot tea will provide at least two things that can help do battle with your cough, steam and liquid. Stea, loosens thick mucus, and the increase fluid intake keeps your circulation water levels higher, which increase the salivary gland’s production.

Slippery elm tea
Slippery elm was a common remedy in colonial America. Mixed with water or milk, it was served as a soothing nutritious food similar to oatmeal and was used to treat sore throat, cough, colds and gastrointestinal ailments. Slippery elm is found in teas and lozenges carried in health food stores.

Pure peppermint oil can be toxic. So don’t take more than six drops. Some experts say peppermint tea should not be given to infants and young children because thay may experience a chocking sensation from the menthol.

Cough drops
If you have a mild cough, you can suck on one of the cough drops during the symphony and keep the annoying coughs reduced.

Sweet onions and suggar
While science has not yet to pinpoint the curative powers of onions, some doctors know they exist. An onion or the stimulating effect of honey or suggar tend to make your salivary glands secrete, probably lubricating your mouth and throat, and minimizing the coughing sensation. In fact German scientists have actually identified several substances in onions that produce an anti inflammatory effect dramatic enough to head off an asthma attack

Taken in small doses, whiskey can kill bacteria and act as a counter irritant throughout the esophagus perhaps explaining why alcohol is used in many commercial over the counter cough and cold preparations.

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