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Cottage Cheese Benefits

Posted by on Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 14:21
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Low fat cottage cheese is certainly not one of the more glamorous dairy products in the market today. But it quite possibly could have the most promising future amidst the rising low fat furor in America .

I’m asking you to look beyond the “diet food” stereotype that has haunted cottage cheese over the years. You know the one the torturous diet plate featuring a boring white mound of cottage cheese sitting on a pineapple ring (and if you’re lucky, a cherry on top).

No, what I’ve got in store for cottage cheese today and beyond is a whole lot more exciting. Fancy cottage cheese whipped with Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese with a bit of pesto layered on top for a tasty colorful spread.

Picture whipped cottage cheese as an extender for your favorite frosting. Imagine a cup of cottage cheese whipped with only a couple tablespoons of reduced calorie mayonnaise to make a creamy potato or pasta salad. And that’s only the beginning!

I’ve been experimenting with cottage cheese lately and am finding out the only limit to composing new uses for cottage cheese is my own imagination. I mean, what could I have been thinking when I mixed half the usual amount of vanilla frosting with the same amount of whipped nonfat cottage cheese? (You can “whip” cottage cheese and smooth out the lumps by using a food processor or blender.)

But you know, it actually worked. People didn’t even notice the difference! I’ve even started using half cottage cheese (whipped) and half light cream cheese to make a lower fat cheesecake.

If low fat cottage cheese isn’t low-fat enough for you, progress has already visited the cottage cheese case. Kirndsen just introduced NONFAT cottage cheese as part of their new “Nice N’ Light” line.

When cottage cheese is whipped in a food processor or blender it transforms into something with more of a ricotta cheese resemblance. And today’s low and nonfat cottage cheese options make it a lower fat filler to your favorite pasta dishes, a lower fat thickener for creamy sauces, and the major
ingredient of choice for dips and creamy dressings.

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  1. Anika pirzada
    13 September, 2011, 22:00

    I just experitmented using cottage cheese to replace the condensed milk in my flan recipe……it gave the flan a wonderful texture and softness!

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