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Cold Sores, Herpes Remedies

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Many people say that  cold sores outbreaks follow stress, illness, too much sun, onset of menstruation, allergies to foods, even dental procedures. The skin blisters, then breaks down to form a scabby sore that last for a week to ten days.

Luckily, outbreaks tend to lessen as people age. People who get cold sores usually can detect a telltale tingling in the spot where an eruption is due. Here are some home remedies for cold sores and herpes.

Using a amino acid, Lysine, to cut down on the number of outbreaks, to abort a pending outbreak or to reduce the severity of a cold sore once iy has erupted. Doctors who recommend this treatment to their patients suggest larger doses than 500milligrams several times a week. So for people who have more than three cold sores a year to supplement their daily diets with 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of lysine and to double the dosage when they feel the tingling that signals the eruption of another cold sore.

Or, you can try getting lysine in you food. Good food sources of lysine include dairy products, patatoes and brewer’s yeast. Check with your doctor before you use this supplement. That is especially important if you are pregnant or nursing. Some studies with laboratory animals have shown that excess lysine can interfere with normal growth.

Some people suggest using a sunscreen regularly to prevent cold sore outbreaks. Sunlight triggers one of every four cases of cold sores. Research shows that applying a sunscreen with a sun protection factor(SPF) of 15 to your lips and other susceptible areas before heading outdoors may be all you need to prevent recurring cases.

Severel doctors suggest eat live culture yogurt or take capsules of the friendly bacteria in yogurt, Lactobacillus acidophilus, to ward off cold sores, herpes. Yogurt has a long reputation as a healthy food, but recently we know more about it. Now there is a bit of evidence that it may help strengthen the imune system, perhaps by providing an antiviral action. A study by French researchers found that people who ate two cups a day of yogurt with live cultures produced four times more gamma interferon an immune system stimulant in their blood than folks who ate heat treated yogurt or who avoided the food altogether.

Aloe vera
Rubbing fresh aloe vera on the spot as soon as the tingling start is another home remedies for cold sores.

Sooth cold sore with creams
Some people suggest over the counter products marketed specifucally for cold sores, such as Campho Phenique. These products contain camphor, phenol or menthol, usually in a petroleum base. Petroleum jelly helps keep the cold sore from cracking and bleeding, which can set the stage for infection. By coating the cold sore, these products may also help prevent spreading the infection to additional places on your face.

Experts say ice may help ease the pain of cold sores by reducing swelling and inflammation.

Vitamin C
In some cases a combination of 200 milligrams of vitamin     C and 200 milligrams of citrus taken three times a day for three days beginning at the first sign of outbreak may abort or greatly reduce the duration of the cold sores. Bioflavonoids are compounds found in the same citrus fruits that contain vitamin C. They may have some antiviral properties.

Zinc is essential, not just for good health but for a life without bothersome cold sores. If you take oral zinc for cold sores, don’t continue high doses for more than  a week or so at a time without your doctor’s supervision. Amounts of zinc above 15 milligrams or so can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb other minerals.

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  1. 18 May, 2009, 18:17

    Aloe vera is great because you can use it for practically anything on your skin.

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