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Cold Hands and Feet

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Having hands and feet that simply won’t warm up or that tend to chill out at inappropriate times is a fairly common complaint.  Beyond the basics like wearing warm gloves, dry socks and water proof boots here are some smile tips you can use.

Vitamin E
Taking 400 IU of vitamin E improve circulation of blood in extremities.  Vitamin E is found in vegetable oil, green vegetables, nuts, and whole grain cereals. The recommended daily value of vitamin e is 30 IU. Although taking up to 600 IU is considered safe, and most of doctors recommend no more than 400 IU daily without a doctor’s supervision.

Niacin has been shown to lower cholesterol, protect against cardiovascular disease and increase blood flow into certain parts of the body. These effects, however, are gained only through taking very large doses of the vitamin several times more than the DV od 20 milligrams.

Large amounts of niacin can produce unpleasant side effects, such as flushing, nausea and itching. While doses up to 100 milligrams have been shown to be safe, you should ask your doctor whether taking this supplement is appropriate for you. Food sources of niacin include lean meat, fish and poultry.

Hot pepper
Applied externally, cayenne pepper has been found to be effective at bringing blood to the surface of the skin, and as a result , experts say it help relieve cold feet if in the socks.
Special care must be taken not to get the pepper in your eyes, it will cause extreme discomfort. Also you should not use cayenne pepper on broken skin or wounds or if you have athlete’s feet.

Biofeedback is a body control technique that must be learned through special training to turn up the heat in your feet and hands. Experts of this technique say you should be able to raise your body’s temperature just by thinking about it.

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