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Caffeine Containing Beverages and Drugs

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The studies have shown that cafe raises the blood sugar levels in diabetes, but drastically lowers the blood sugar in victims of hypoglycemia. This is not as contradictory as it may seem. Sugar does the same: it raises the sugar level in diabetes and lowers it in hypoglycemia because of the hypoglycemic’s over-reacting pancreas.

Coffee has a stimulating effect on the adrenal gland which , in turn, encourages the liver to release more sugar into the blood. The combination of coffee and sugar is particularly harmful. Sugar enters the bloodstream quickly and directly, while coffee adds to the total sugar level by acting through the adrenals, brain, and liver.

Considering how popular coffee is in America and how much of it is consumed daily, coffee very well may be one of the major contributing factors to our hypoglycemia epidemic.

Caffeine Containing beverages and drugs. Cola drinks are even worse than coffee. In addition to a high caffeine content, they are loaded with an incredible amount of sugar, plus dangerous acid-a perfect combination to keep your dentist busy!

You may not be aware that, besides coffee and cola drinks, some commonly used over-the -counter drugs can add considerably to your total daily ingestion of caffeine.

Brewed coffee, cup                 100-150mg. caffeine
Tea, cup                           60-75mg. caffeine
Cola drinks, glass                 40-60mg. caffeine
Aspirin, Bromo-Seltzer,tablet      32mg. caffeine
Excedrin, tablet                   60mg. caffeine

Excessive caffeine ingestion, either from coffee, or caffeine-containing beverages and drugs, produces a long line of typical hypoglycemic symptoms: anxiety, light-headedness, heart palpitations, nervousness, agitation, irritability, trembling hands and muscle twitches, and insomnia. All symptoms usually disappear as soon as the patient stops drinking coffee or caffeine containing beverages.

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