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Cleansing Programs

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Just as a home needs a thorough spring cleaning, your body also needs thorough cleansing occasionally, if you want to achieve optimum health. If you take personal hygiene seriously, you may assume that the inside of your body is just as clean as the outside, but given out modern lifestyles,  this is no longer happens automatically.

The body was set up to handle an occasional toxic substance, such as spoiled food, but not the kind of abuse we encounter as a result of environmental toxins. We are continually seduced by a host of unhealthy substances such as fried foods, high fat snacks, refined foods, fake foods, and foods with preservatives and dyes.

We are bombarded with pesticides , chemical fertilizers, and noxious chemicals in our air, soil, and water. All these substances serve to weaken and congest the body.

These toxic and congestive substances can also overwhelm our organs of eliminations. Substances that are not broken down and excreted are stored in the liver, kidneys, colon, gallbladder, fat cells, bones, and tissue spaces.

The liver is the prime place to store poisons that can’t get excreted. Highly toxic chemicals are known to pass through the liver, they include polycyclic hydrocarbons that make up pesticides and herbicides such as DDT, dioxin, PCB, and PCP. High amounts of these toxins have been found in people’s livers. A weakened liver can lead to reduced production of bile acids. Bile ensures that cholesterol stays soluble and does not turn to stones in the gallbladder.

When the liver cuts back on bile acids productions, either because of its weakened condition, yo-yo dieting, or disease, cholesterol goes unchecked and can form gallstones. Toxins settle in the kidneys, too, causing weakness, sluggishness, and poor performance. The colon can became congested, and as a result will absorb fewer nutrients, it also leak toxins back into the blood stream. The skin, which plays a major role in excretion, can become clogged.

It is advantageous to cleanse the various organs of our bodies periodically to promote health and healing. Detoxifying the body is worth the effort because because the benefits are astounding. You will look more vibrant wrinkles will diminish, skin color will improve, dark circles under the eyes will eventually disappear, and your hair and nails will grow better.

Best of all, you will enjoy new health and vitality. You will feel more energetic, have greater mental clarity, and enjoy a greater sense of well being.

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