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Cartilage Cures

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Since all forms of arthritis involve the destruction of cartilage, it makes sense that ingesting from of cartilage may help relieve symptoms.

Glucosamine sulfate.  This natural constituent of cartilage has been shown to produce positive results for sufferers from osteoarthritis, it works to address the underlying cause of the disease by stimulating cartilage repair and is free from side effects. It is sold natural food stores.

Shark cartilage.  Is it true that sharks don’t get arthritis? Maybe. Studies have found that compounds in shark cartilage accelerate the regeneration and repair of cartilage cells. Europian studies have found that injections of a compound found in shark cartilage are as effective as NSAIDS for treating the symptoms of arthritis.

Chew on a chicken bone. Everyone knows that chicken soup is great for the common cold, but it is also good for arthritis? According to a study in Harvard Medical School researchers, chicken cartilage protein, which is found in chicken bones, can help relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

In a clinical study, fifty nine people with severe rheumatoid arthritis were taken off the drugs they had been using to control their joints pain for the duration of the study.

Each morning twenty eight patients drank a glass of orange juice containing collagen derived purified chicken cartilage. The remeining thirty one volunteers, who served as controls, drank orange juice containing a placebo. After three months, the team noticed a decrease in the number of symptoms and four of the twenty eight experienced a complete remission of their disease. No improvement was noted in the placebo group.

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