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Canker Sores Remedies

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Unleashing alum on canker sores and of course pickles is a good home remedies against canker sores. In fact, the preservative may help indeed help draw fluid from the wound, easing pain. If you dry up the area, you might remove some of the fluid that’s causing the soreness .

Salt water
Salt water is another home remedies against sores. Salty water works because it helps draw fluid through tissues, which speeds healing. Two tablespoons of salt per six ounce glass of warm water and it needs to be nice and briny.

Vitamin B and C
Nutritional Supplements like vitamin B and C also get hearty recommendations for their so called healing properties.

Baking soda
Baking soda is also good for the inside of your mouth, according to some experts. Not only is baking soda great at preventing all kinds of periodontal disease, but it’s also shown promise fighting future canker sores. If used in regular basis, baking soda reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth, and we think it probably lessens the ability of bacteria to get into the salivary glands in the first place. Because the baking soda contains high levels of sodium, people who have to limit their sodium intake must rinse their mouths thoroughly after using it.

The best way is to keep the milk in your mouth and swish it around a few times before you swallow. You only have to do that couple of times before it will clear up. Avoiding chocolate also seems to prevent them.

Aloe vera
Aloe apparently contains salicylates, the same painkilling and anti inflammatory compounds found in aspirin. It is well documented that aloe eases pain in burns, and it is also antibacterial even it is not the strongest antibacterial around.

Sour soother
Yogurt and acidophilus are cited by several doctors for helping stop canker sores. Four tablespoons of plain yogurt for chronic canker sore suffers. The bacteria in yogurt actually help healing by competing with the bed bacteria in your mouth.

Changing diet
In some cases sores disappear simply by changing the diet. Experts have noted in addition  to sweets, nuts can trigger canker sores. Try cutting out suspected items for a few weeks and then reintroduce them to your diet one at a time to see if the breakouts recur. Then simply avoid whatever’s causing them.

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