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Candida Natural Cures

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It is important, when using Candida Natural Cures you follow  the   recommended doses. If you begin to feel worse, perhaps more tired, it is possible that this is caused by toxins being released from the candida as it dies.

This is referred to as die0off. Die-off does not affect everyone taking anti-fungals, but hte few who experience it can find it unpleasant. If the die-off exceeds a sensible comfort zone, do not be a martyr, reduce the dose of your anti-fungals.

The herb milk thistle (silymarin) and cloves can be helpful, as they decrease the die-off of candida. Milk thistle supports the liver to help it deal with the extra toxic load. These are the most popular Candida  Cures.

Caprylic Acid. This  is a short fatty acid, extracted from coconuts, which is present in breast milk. As caprylic acid id readily absorbed by the intestines it should be taken in a time releases formula so that it reaches the lower intestines and the bowels. One 400 mg capsule is taken three times a day, between meals. Higher and lower strengths are available and can be used, depending  on e person’s sensitivity to the die-off.

Garlic. Best taken rew and salads or crushed and mixed with olive oil as a dressing for vegetables. Supplements are available, but do not be tempted to use the odourless variety as the active compounds have been removed. Whole peeled garlic gloves can also be used as a vaginal suppository if vaginal thrush is present, but be careful not to scratch the surface of the clove, or cut across the root base, as it then stings unmercifully.

Olive Oil Another candida natural cure contains a type of monounsaturated fat, oleic acid, which limits the yeast’s ability to convert into the fungal form. Extra virgin oil is always the best choice and although it is fine to cook with it at low temperatures, it is best not to overheat it as it loses some of its active ingredients.

Ginger, oregano, basil, resemaryand thyme.  Incorporating these in your meals must take this the tastiest way to help control a candida overgrowth. They area helpful add-on, but really need to be used alongside other stronger antifungals. Oregano oil supplements are available and may be even more effective than the more popular caprylic oil

Biotin.  member of the B-complex. 200 mcg of yeast free biotin, three times daily can help to prevent the conversion of the yeast- like form of candida into the invasive mycelioid form.

Berberine.    This natural candida cure strengthens the immune system, which is often at a low ebb in those who have candida, and is an effective anti microbial, including anti fungal. It is found naturally in goldenseal, Oregon grape root and barberry.

Grapefruit seed extract.    This was discovered by a doctor and Einstein Laureate physicist who, when gardening, noticed that the grapefruit seeds thrown on the compost head did not tot. He discovered that his bitter substance had very potent anti microbial properties. There has been tremendous success in treating candida with grapefruit seed extract, which is available in liquid and capsule form.

Propolis.  This extract from been pollen exhibits anti fungal properties and can help against candida.

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